Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

You can create a SoundTracking profile by logging in with your current Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare credentials or by email. Don’t worry, SoundTracking will not post to outside networks without your permission.

I’m an artist. How do I get my music on SoundTracking?

SoundTracking currently uses the iTunes, Rdio, and Spotify catalogs for its music database. If your music is available on one of these platforms, but not on SoundTracking, please email

How do I become a verified user?

To become a verified artist please email and be prepared to answer a few simple questions so that we can indeed verify you.

How do I use Instagram photos in my SoundTracking posts?

When creating a SoundTrackinging post on your iOS or Android device, tap the photo button and select "Choose Instagram Photo”. Once you’ve connect your IG account, you’ll be able to select from your photo history to add to your SoundTracking post.

How can I share my SoundTracking music moments into Instagram?

When creating a SoundTracking post, simply tap the Instagram icon in the “Share with:” bar along the bottom of your post creation screen. After your music moment has been posted to SoundTracking, the Instagram app will be open on your device, and you will be able to share your photo and song information into your Instagram feed, filter and all.

What is “Smartplay” and why is it awesome?

The SmartPlay button on the top right hand corner of each SoundTracking posts allows you to
- Listen to the full length version of the song in Spotify and/or Rdio
- Download the song in iTunes
- Watch the best-matched music video on YouTube

How can I put my SoundTracking profile and feed on my website, blog, or Tumblr?

You can learn more about SoundTracking badges & widgets for your website, blog or Tumblr by clicking this link.

How can I be sure to receive the Song Of The Day push notification?

SoundTracking’s “Song Of The Day” is an innovative daily feature in which you receive a push notification to listen to a full-length song hand-picked by the SoundTracking team, because we think you’ll love it. You can make sure this feature is turned on by going into the settings on the app, opening “manage notifications”, and ensuring that “Send a push alert when SoundTracking... sends a Song Of The Day notification” is checked.

What are Song Dedications and Requests?

Songs Dedications and Requests are a fun way to connect with other users who follow you, and whom you follow on SoundTracking. You can send a dedication or request to a user by tapping the “Send” button on a user’s profile page.

When you request a song, that user will be notified that you requested they share a song with you. When you dedicate a song to a user, that user will be notified that you’ve dedicated a song to them.

How do I delete my SoundTracking profile?

In order to delete your profile, please email with the username and third party service linked to your account.

How do I delete a SoundTracking post?

Login online (not via mobile) to Click the Profile tab and go to the post you would like to delete. Click on the post, scroll to the bottom and click the “Delete Post” link.

How do I make my profile private?

Sorry, but we currently do not have a way to make your profile private.

How do I block people from following me?

For iOS users, simply tap the ellipsis button at the top right corner of a user’s profile page, and select “Block This User.” For Android users, tap your device’s 3-dots button or menu on a user’s profile, and select “Block user.”

Can I delete a user’s comment on my post?

You sure can! Simply swipe the comment and a “delete” button will appear. Tap that, and you’re good to go.

Connecting Your Music Streaming Service to SoundTracking?

We're excited to let you enjoy listening to full-length songs and add songs to your playlists in SoundTracking. Here's what you need to know:
- - You will need to have a Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, or Rdio paid subscription account.
- Go to the Settings screen in the SoundTracking app to connect your Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, or Rdio account.
- Once you have connected your account, you will be able to: Listen to songs in full-length, rather than short music previews Add your favorite songs to your Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, or Rdio playlists instantly using the SmartPlay button on the top right of a post. Change your connected accounts from the Settings screen

What are the sources of music audio found on the SoundTracking service?

The music on SoundTracking is powered by iTunes, the digital music service owned and operated by Apple, Inc. SoundTracking is an official iTunes Affiliate service and allows users to stream 30-second previews directly from iTunes servers and purchase digital downloads of those songs. In addition to iTunes, users can also connect their Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, and Rdio paid subscriber accounts using the SoundTracking iOS app, which is enabled by a direct integration with Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, and Rdio under their Terms of Service.

Custom keyboards and the SoundTracking iOS application?

If you download a custom iOS keyboard, such as Swipe, you may experience issues creating a new post as there is no "Done" button as in the default keyboard. Simply tap on the right facing arrow to signify you are done creating the post.

For questions not answered on this page, please email